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One day of Silence, Maun Vrata – My Learnings

One day of Silence, Maun Vrata – My Learnings

Swinging on the hammock for a couple of hours every morning. Admiring the contiguous deepens of attractive scenic views in Pokhara Nepal, inspired me to take a day of quietude. In a curiosity and devoted to discovering its effects my easing yoga and meditation voyage took a little stop at Maun Vrata, a day of silence.

The tradition at the centre offers to choose silence with no cutout on routine. I was gratified by the principles and contented to perform customary yoga and meditation rituals while performing silence.

When the intuit to the crave to stillness arises, I rested in the silence zone on my own. Seeing, listening, observing and writing was what I did.

The morning started as per the convention but with every tick of the clock, gentle impulses of mindfulness emerged.

Attentive and diverted towards the minute details. Muteness aroused my sense of exploration. Picking up the binocular and extending my reverence beyond the enormous Himalayan views and adjoining greeneries. I saw two fishermen walking across the fields towards the lakeside, their heads covered with an azure checkered cloth to protect it from the intensity of heat. Two pilots flying solo, landed hovering over the glider parachutes a few feet away from the terrains of grazing bulls. Sunlight attempting to dry the earth from the heavy rains shed last night. The beams sheen crispier than ever. A group of local teens playing basketball at the rooftop a few inches away from the terrace of my room, a view concealed earlier was noticed only that day.

The silence optimistically impacted my focus and concentration. Gazing at a point with no feeling of time and without any wandering thoughts appearing in my mind. I was at peace both in intellect and notion. The evening outdoor meditation was an orbit of insight and acuity. I distinguished between tiny spots of light shining on the mounts and found the flickering stars playing hide and seek behind the smoggy clouds. The whooping of the monkeys starving, finding of food or the chorus of the crickets and cicadas. I heard both rhymes. 

Focus helps engrossed in the warmth of stillness.

Keeping quiet helped conserve my energy all day. By no talking, I used my verve to a composed yet invigorated evening yoga practice.

In some occasions, during the day I coveted to express but I kept locked. Witnessing that my expression to affairs, if not spoken in words, can be expressed in gestures, another avenue of communication. The medium of signs and signals is wondrous. Generous intimations and signs of good will, gestures of apology and meaningful indications can make an everlasting impact on longing souls.  

Keep your gestures lovely and tangible. To help the universal energies bounce back only the genuine to you. 

Observing the significance of acts, I comprehended the importance of speech and words too. An ability to speak is a gift. What blessing it is to utter the words of love and of wisdom. How blissful it is to talk of kindness and of care to a beloved. What marvel it is to sing soothing tunes and melodies, to express a harmonious voice and to raise an opinion. 

The power of speech is a blessing. Use it to the benefit of yourself and community. 

One day of silence awakened my inner nous. I knew it was not enough yet valuing my learning, I kept a door open to experience it again. Whenever there is another call for me, to silence, to open the undiscovered channels. 

P.S. Are you weary of the clamor and clatter around? Do you seek a place to tranquility? If you wish to awaken the lyrics within your soul yet want to feel the stillness. Practice silence. May be a few hours, a day or some days based on your readiness. Just go through stillness. Your journey to silence will differ from mine both in benefits and awareness but a destiny to an exploration of a safe haven can be the same.

In a spirit of freedom of speech. Words should be a gentle caress running through the lips, a speaker of pure thoughts. That is soother to the ears and calmer to the mind. 

With Love. ~ Sonia