Rain, a garland of pearls

Dark clouds up in the sky,
at haste merging as one,
forming in shades of black and grey,
their watery pearls ready to fall.

I see mountains of mist,
I see grand emerald trees,
I hear the rumbles of clouds,
the falling of pearls.

Droplets adorn leaves,
peaks disappear in waves of silver,
red rooftops below now flow,
all souls embrace this rain.

Sky bestows love upon the earth,
I comprehend the harmony of heavens,
oh, a blissful view,
a metaphor of a most majestic hue.

Greeting this union, such awe,
I walked into the rain,
oh, the joy of raindrops upon my skin,
that caress, that calming touch,
Rain, a garland of pearls.

After teaching breathing and meditation class in Nepal, I was having breakfast with my students, when it rained. The scene was not only picturesque but delightful, and the beautiful memories of the day are still afresh.

Main photo by Jessica Knowlden on Unsplash