Rain, a garland of pearls

Clouds roaming up above,
downpours the raindrops,
shedding showers of enchantment,
charming me in a spellbound,
Standing on the balcony,
I see misted mountain peaks,
trees and leaves all around,
flowing down the edges.
Showers are retiring on the lake,
coming down in the union,
falling on homes and gardens,
bathing people, plants, and streets.

A garland of pearls, on mountains, lake and trees.
Leaving the shaded balcony,
I walked in the rain,
Rain soaks my skin,
Joy it is.
A garland of pearls, on mountains, lake, trees and Me.

After teaching breathing and meditation class in Nepal retreat, we were having breakfast, and it rained. It was not only scenic but delightful. I wrote this poem then, but the serenity still resides within me.

If you love rain, do share your memorable experience and thoughts.

  • Zara April 6, 2019 at 6:43 am