The Yoga Garden

The yoga garden poem by Sonia Fazal. Describes Yogini's passion about yoga and anecdote of how yoga combat anxiety.

Let me say the prayer,
going down to that shadow,
hidden beneath the rising sun,
let me say the prayer.

Shining through dawn’s mist,
an echo of moonlight still in the sky,
the brightness of the day I love so much,
let me say the prayer.

Dew shining upon the flower’s petals,
mornings fragrance blossoms,
damp soil on my feet,
memories of the past,
visions of the future,
let me say the prayer.

Yoga garden teach me,
teach me life, teach me reason, teach me courage,
posture give me purpose,
In the garden I breathe,
I am a teacher and a student,
embracing the past and any future,
let me say the prayer.

Standing under the sun’s glory,
I see my shadow,
I see bliss, I see harmony, I see smiles,
some timeless me,
let me say the prayer.


A few years ago, I was bound by a desire to succeed and find love and comfort. I was working hard to achieve everything all at once, which was tiring. I was driven to anxiety by my own lack of self-compassion and never being satisfied with my own achievements.

At this point in my life, I decided to return to the yoga mat which turned out to be a pivotal step in my emotional path back to happiness. The journey to calmness was gradual but with regular practice, I awakened an inner peace.

Yoga is a process which enables levels of self-awareness and opens one’s soul to compassion and love.

Main Image by Chloe Si on Unsplash