Love yourself. Breathing technique to boost self-love

Looking at myself in the mirror, weary and worn-out, eyes speak of exhaustion. I lack the energy to make my bed this morning, as my schedule board hanging on the wall flashes at me. At this moment, it’s daunting, I’m vulnerable to mistakes, dubious about meeting expectations of myself and my loved ones.

This imperfect side of me is not attractive; certainly not one of my favourites. Confronting it in front of the mirror, my reflection echos. “I have another side of me that is graceful and pleasing”. The one I like, my favourite. The one who acknowledges, “I make mistakes, but I am no worse than most people.”

This side of me accepts the whole me, the charm of perfections and guilt of imperfections. It is positive, and no matter what hardships may come, she cherishes little signs of progress and celebrates them as a triumph. She’s strong, welcomes both failures and successes, and stays beside her family. She is aware of, “If I can accept my loved ones with all the strengths and shortcomings, they can love me back”.

That’s the perfect me. I smile at myself, accepting my flaws and appreciating my vigour.  “I love myself”.

Every morning in front of the mirror, I identify the different shades and moods of my personality. I bring all the pieces together and make a note of them. This is to remember there is no magic wand to change me nor a potion that can take me back in time. I need to let bygones be the bygones and pat myself on the back, saying “I have done a pretty good job.”

How do I do that? How do you get started?

I am sharing a breathing technique that can be helpful to boost self-love. I never knew its benefits until I regularly practised it. It is called Smile Breathing Technique that is practised for decades to help not only to boost self-love but also improve the immunity system when practised as laughing breathing method. It involves smiling at yourself in the mirror and taking long, active breaths.

How does it work?

[i]Researches have shown that smile ad laughter affects your mood state and self-esteem. It can also enhance the immune power by activating the immune system-related blood cells called [ii]Natural killer (NK) white blood cells. When your cheeks are lifted smiling the memory of fun and laughter activates, bringing your body and mind to a relaxing state.

Are you ready to make use of great wisdom and knowledge? 

How to start:

Smiling breathing technique is done in front of the mirror.

  1. Start by looking yourself in the mirror and smile.
  2. Now, close your eyes and visualise a loving image, your darling baby, a loving pet, romantic sushi nights with your partner, laughter with friends, something that evokes a smile.
  3. Open eyes and look yourself in the mirror and smile.
  4. Prepare for breathing
    • Exhale completely
    • Take a slow and deep breath filling your chest, belly and lower belly fully with air.
    • Slowly exhale
    • Repeat at least 3 times
  5. Look at your face thoroughly as you smile. Be aware of your cheekbones, lips and eyes and how radiating it feels.
  6. Remember the calmness of the air-breathing in and out of you.
  7. Practice it every day.


Self-love is essential, but it doesn’t involve arrogance and bragging yourself in front of others.



Photos in order by:

Alina Miroshnichenko on Unsplash

Ireland on Unsplash