What I Do + How Can I Help

Design Workshops on Creative Yoga Flows, Active Breathing Techniques,
and use of Therapy Balls.  Organize a Bespoken One-to One, Group or
Corporate Session for Self-Care, and Teacher’s Training.



Restorative Vinyasa Flow

I create Experiences for you
through Yoga. Classes are tailored to
meet your fitness goals and aim to
provide maturity to your

A new movement based dynamics to your Yoga practice.


Active Breathing

A deep flow that involves active movements. Classes are personalised to focus on combat obesity, increase stamina, enhance concentration, eliminate exhaustion.

A new perspective to build strength, calm mind and healing.


Roll & Release

MyoFascia Release that helps calm and Rejuvenate areas of discomfort and tensions. We use therapy balls rolling to support your fitness regime and release chronic tightness.

A Therapeutic wellness for athletes, busy parents and desk workers. /strong>

Experience your ‘AHA’ moment


Build upon foundations of asanas (postures), Acknowledge the
freedom of movement,Harmonize postures with breathing

Harmonize Physical Movement with Breathing


Enhance the flexibility of the respiratory muscles, Increase
blood circulatioan and nutrition, Improves relaxation,
Designed for children and adults.

Recharge and Restore to your body and mind


Reduce neck and face stiffness, Treats Pelvic discomfort from
digestion cramps, bloating and constipation, Release
shoulder stiffness and wrists and ankle sprains, Strengthen
core and legs muscles.

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