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Articles are written with an intention to keep you joyful and smiling.

I love listening to your thoughts.

I am a Warrior – Yoga to ease your stiff body

This sequence helps energise your entire body, improves blood circulation and respiration. Instructions: Practice the sequence on both sides (right and left) alternatively. Repeat the sequence 3-5 times on each side. One breathe = one deep inhale and exhale. Safety Tips: Transition from each step slowly. First, find comfort in the pose and then work

Reduce family stress by introducing active breathing during COVID-19 situation

Published on The current circumstances of COVID-19 are indeed worrying. [i]On one hand, socially separated individuals and families are suffering with the trauma of isolation. On the other hand, families impacted by Covid-19 and health care professionals on the front line are undergoing an enormous amount of emotional and psychological stress. Unfortunately, different untrusted

Love yourself. Breathing technique to boost self-love

Looking at myself in the mirror, weary and worn-out, eyes speak of exhaustion. I lack the energy to make my bed this morning, as my schedule board hanging on the wall flashes at me. At this moment, it’s daunting, I’m vulnerable to mistakes, dubious about meeting expectations of myself and my loved ones. This imperfect

The Yoga Garden

Let me say the prayer,going down to that shadow,hidden beneath the rising sun, let me say the prayer. Shining through dawn’s mist,an echo of moonlight still in the sky,the brightness of the day I love so much,let me say the prayer. Dew shining upon the flower’s petals,mornings fragrance blossoms, damp soil on my feet, memories

Integrating Yoga in Schools – Qatar Foundation STEP Annual Event October ’19

STEP (Sharing Teachers’ Effective Practice) is an annual event that showcases the importance of sharing, celebrating and collaborating with fellow Qatar Foundation academic and non-academic Practitioners.  The event was organised by Education Development Institute (EDI) a member of Qatar Foundation, held at Qatar Academy Al Wakra on Sunday 13 October 2019. The event had two